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David Allred is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer originally from California and is currently based in Oregon. While primarily writing and touring internationally as a solo artist, David has also worked with Peter Broderick, Allred & Broderick, Fay Funk, Gentle Millennials, Judee Sill, Ann Annie, Heather Woods Broderick, Lana Lou, Zack Elliott, Ezra Glatt, Chad Crouch, La Dispute, Searows, etc. 


After signing with Erased Tapes Records in 2016, David quickly found himself touring Europe with Folk Wisdom booking agency. Having been isolated and cut off from the outside world for much of his young adult life, David began unravelling his feelings and putting it on record. Vignettes and emotions from his own experiences, as well as characters he met along the way, inspired a rich tapestry of stories and melodies. 




“Like the best albums about death, it doesn’t simply wallow in the sadness of it; David finds the poignancy, the beauty and even at times the humour of it all.”

-For the Rabbits


“When you first hear it, you imagine a hermit pouring his pain into soaring pastoral lamentations whose mood is dark yet optimistic.”

-Rolling Stone


“We have a new master of minimalism.”

-Loud and Quiet


“Allred suggests physical and emotional fragility very well, based on an astute understanding of those who wonder how their time seemed to have gone so fast as they look back.”

-The Line of Best Fit


“This is music of transcendent beauty.”

-The Sunday Times


“Nicely picked acoustic tunes, bizarre everything else.”

-Normon Records









Home page artwork by Justin Price  

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